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Krispy Kreme

Sweet Symphony Doughnut Selection

Sweet Symphony Doughnut Selection

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Product Description

Sweet Symphony Doughnut Selection - Experience the enchanting harmony of flora and sweetness with this gorgeous gift.

Each glass jar vase is a symphony of blooms—a curated arrangement of red gerberas, luxurious red roses, fluffy chrysanthemums, and exotic alstroemeria, all nestled among lush greenery. This melodious blend of flowers is designed to please the eyes and create a Bloom Bond bond that echoes the love and care you wish to express.

Three or a dozen exquisite Krispy Kreme doughnuts are combined with the floral arrangement. Delight in the Hazelnut Praline Chocl Block, succumb to the allure of the White Chocolate Caramel Heart and indulge in the irresistible Sweetie Pie™ Mallow and Choc. Each doughnut is a creative masterpiece, promising a unique taste experience that complements the visual splendour of the blooms.

Flowers and Doughnuts

Embark on a journey of innocent joy and creative indulgence with our Flowers and Doughnuts offering. This unique pair serves as a gift and a narrative of nostalgia, a token of the Born and Bred Floral heritage. It’s an invitation to partake in life's simple pleasures, an opportunity to relish the freshness of seasonal blooms handpicked by professional florists and the comfort of handcrafted confections that tell a story of artisanal excellence.

Seasonal Blooms and Availability

With the Flower Guy, rest assured that the bouquet you fell in love with online is what will arrive at your doorstep. While the seasons may turn and availability may shift, our commitment to beauty and quality never wavers. Any necessary substitutions are made with the utmost care and consideration, ensuring the sentiment remains as vibrant as ever.

Join the Flower Guy Tribe

Every purchase is a step towards our heartfelt mission to deliver 1 million bouquets by 2027. When you choose the Sweet Symphony Doughnut Selection, you're not just sharing a gift; you're amplifying a movement of kindness, hope, and love across the globe. You're becoming part of a story that reaches beyond the ordinary, connecting lives and enriching moments.

Product Specifics

Our Sweet Symphony Doughnut Selection is not merely a product; it’s a promise of immediacy with same-day delivery available in Cape Town. It’s quality assurance, with each arrangement and doughnut created by seasoned artisans. Our excellent customer service is not just a feature—it’s our ethos. And through our Bloom Bond, we don’t just connect flowers; we connect hearts across continents.

Kindness, Connection, and Appreciation

At Flower Guy, we understand that the act of giving is profound. Our arrangements and hampers are crafted to express your generosity perfectly. They celebrate human connection, a gesture of appreciation that transcends the ordinary.

Choose the Sweet Symphony Doughnut Selection in a world bustling with the mundane. Choose to inspire, connect, and express the unspoken through the timeless beauty of flowers and the sweet whisper of doughnuts.

Delivery & Returns

Delivery fees are charged separately and will be calculated and charged according to where your recipient is located.

We guarantee that our flowers will last 5 (five) days. If not, please get in touch with us, and we will assist you.

Care Instructions

Fresh flowers always need fresh water daily to live longer and be more healthy. We can tell when they haven't been looked after.

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  • Delivery Areas

    We deliver in and around Cape Town and neighbouring suburbs.

  • Hassle-Free Exchanges

    If your flowers have not lasted -day, let us know at and we will replace them for you.