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Connect With Us: Let's Create a World Abundant in Kindness, Connection, and Flower Blooming and Gift Giving

Welcome to the Contact Us page of Flower Guy. As you already know, our mission is to bring forth the miraculous power of love through the transformative art of flower blooming. We're not just a business; we're a family dedicated to creating bridges of authentic love around the world with every bouquet and gift we send out in Cape Town and South Africa.

How to Reach Us for Your Flower Blooming Needs:


  • Call us at +27 21 671 1586 for immediate assistance or fill in the form below, and we'll answer your questions during office hours. 


Social Media:

  • Feel free to connect with us on Instagram and Facebook for daily flower blooming inspirations and updates.

Snail Mail:

  • If you're old school and prefer to write us a letter, we cherish that too! Please send it to Flower Guy Studio, 16 Toffie Lane, Claremont, Cape Town, South Africa, 7708.

Our customer service team is standing buy to assist you

Got a Question? We've Got Flower Blooming Answers

Customer Support: Whether you're looking to track your order or have questions about our range of inspirational flowers and gifts, we're here to help.

Product Suggestions: We love flowers blooming as much as we do, and we have an idea you'd like to share. We're all ears!

Corporate Orders: If you want to infuse your work environment with the power of flower blooming, let us handle the floral arrangements for you.

Let's Create a Flower Blooming Movement Together

We welcome collaborations, partnerships, and friendships that align with our core values of kindness, connection and appreciation. Just like a flower blooming, your ideas can help us enrich the lives of many, creating environments that celebrate beauty, insight, encouragement, and serenity.

Our Appreciation-First Policy

We appreciate you choosing Flower Guy to be part of your flower-blooming journey. Our team of passionate florists, with a collective experience of over 39 years, are as committed as you are to fostering a loving and kind world.

Walk in Beauty with Flower Guy

Our dream is to deliver 1 million posies by 2027, fostering a global community grounded in love and respect for nature. Flower blooming is not just a business for us; it's a way to facilitate healing and transformation. We invite you to join us in this mission. Walk in Beauty with us, and let's make the world a more loving place, one flower blooming at a time.

For more about our mission, core values, and the extraordinary talents of flower blooming, visit our About Us page.

The Flower Guy Team 🌸