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Happy Flowers Wall Art

Happy Flowers Wall Art

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Kimbolino x Flower Guy Wall Art Print: "Happy Flowers Wall Art"

Welcome a burst of perpetual spring into your home with "Happy Flowers Wall Art," a canvas print collaboration that captures the essence of Cape Town's joyful blossoming season. Melding Kimbolino's imaginative artistry with Flower Guy's passion for flora, this piece transforms any wall into an exhibition of joy and artistic innovation.

This wall art is designed to do more than adorn your living room—it starts conversations, enhances moods, and stands as a daily beacon of spring's bountiful beauty. "Happy Flowers Wall Art" is crafted to bring a slice of Cape Town's vibrant art scene and floral splendour into your haven, letting you indulge in a rich, artful interpretation of nature's cheeriest palette.

Conceived to command the spotlight in any setting, "Happy Flowers Wall Art" is a symphony of vivid blooms that seem to leap from the canvas, inviting the freshness and vibrancy of the outdoors into your home. Whether it finds its home amidst the buzz of family life or in your serene personal sanctuary, this print will bathe your walls in spring's vivid hues and exuberance.

Installing this piece means more than decorating your space; it's about elevating it with a touch of Cape Town's famed floral elegance. It's a tribute to the symbiotic relationship between art and the natural world, offering an element of sophistication and uplift that only the most select wall art can offer.

At Flower Guy, we are committed to curating artworks that do more than occupy space—they redefine it. "Happy Flowers Wall Art" is a testament to this commitment, drawing the splendour of spring's flowers into the rhythm of your daily life.

Embodying Kimbolino's signature approach, this collection marries whimsical dreamscapes with lively, playful flowers set against a backdrop of radiant, warm hues—each designed to spark joy and conjure nostalgic reflections of happiness.

Artist Kim Kitching, the creative force known as Kimbolino in Cape Town, paints with a palette designed to inspire and connect. Her work invites us through imaginary architecture and ethereal spaces, mirroring our continuous evolution. These pieces act as gateways to enchanting landscapes, offering discoveries that inspire the mind and brighten the heart.


Size: A4 (210x297mm)

Variations: 8 unique editions

Packaging: Each print has a sturdy backing board and a protective waterproof sleeve.

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