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Krispy Kreme

Petals & Pastries Deluxe Duo

Petals & Pastries Deluxe Duo

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Product Description

Petals & Pastries Deluxe Duo: A Delicious World Awaits

In a world where every moment counts and every gesture tells a story, the Petals & Pastries Deluxe Duo is a testament to the art of giving. Nestled within the heart of this offering is a glass jar vase teeming with the richness of red gerberas, the velvet caress of red roses, the cheerful dance of chrysanthemums, the tender blush of alstroemeria, and a touch of greenery to bind this poetic ensemble.

The florals, born and bred with love, are paired with a choice of Krispy Kreme doughnuts that echo the sweetness of life's pleasures. Whether it's the indulgent Hazelnut Praline Chocl Block, the tender White Chocolate Caramel Heart, or the Sweetie Pie™ Mallow and Choc, each selection is a canvas of taste, waiting to be savoured. For those with a penchant for Nordic confectionery, LAKRIDS by Bülow Strawberries and Cream offers a luscious alternative that will surely delight you.

Flowers and Sweets

In the union of flowers and sweets lies a harmony that speaks to the soul's deepest cravings for beauty and indulgence. Our offerings are curated to forge not just a gift but a bond—a Bloom Bond that transcends the ordinary, crafting experiences that resonate with heartfelt emotion and sensory joy.

A Narrative of Giving

The Petals & Pastries Deluxe Duo is more than a product; it's a narrative woven with threads of nostalgia and creativity. It is an optimistic ode to the simplicity of happiness and a visionary call to celebrate the act of creation.

Join the Flower Guy Tribe

With every bouquet, you're not simply selecting a gift but embracing a movement of kindness, hope, and love. By choosing Flower Guy, you join a tribe—a global family committed to delivering a million expressions of affection by 2027.

Commitment to Craft and Care

While we honour the seasonal tapestry that Mother Nature weaves, our commitment to delivering the bouquet that captured your heart remains unwavering. Trust our professional florists to curate your gift with love, care, and an eye for beauty.

Inspiration in Every Bloom

Inspire your loved ones with a symbol of your affection. Let the Petals & Pastries Deluxe Duo be a conduit of your deepest sentiments, a vessel that carries more than just flowers and sweets, a message of enduring connection.

Tailored to Touch the Heart

Crafted by expert hands, this duo is more than a gift; it's a testament to a bond that knows no bounds. It's a celebration of giving meant to touch the heart and sweeten the day of someone special in the vibrant city of Cape Town.

Kindness Encapsulated

In each Petals & Pastries Deluxe Duo, kindness is interlaced with beauty. We believe in our bouquets' power to connect, heal, and express the unspoken. It's an affordable luxury, a token of appreciation, a joyous celebration of life and love.

Delivery & Returns

Delivery fees are charged separately and will be calculated and charged according to where your recipient is located.

We guarantee that our flowers will last 5 (five) days. If not, please get in touch with us, and we will assist you.

Care Instructions

Fresh flowers always need fresh water daily to live longer and be more healthy. We can tell when they haven't been looked after.

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  • Delivery Areas

    We deliver in and around Cape Town and neighbouring suburbs.

  • Hassle-Free Exchanges

    If your flowers have not lasted -day, let us know at and we will replace them for you.


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